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PT.Braga Texchem Industry was found in May, 2011. We produce textile chemicals like an acrylicsizing agent, acrylic emulsion binder, and other auxiliaries for textile finishing/technologi from KOREA. We have emulsion binder for construction site,  paper coating, Wood Adhesives and water base PSA as our developing items.

PT.Braga Texchem Industry likes to grow up within continuous development of fundamental technologies in order to give satisfactory products to our customers.



BNS – 200 is newly developed sequestering agent during continuous – scouring – bleaching process for cotton and linen fabric and weight reduction finishing process for polyester fabrics it has excellent power for anti – scum, anti – oligomer and anti – metallic salt etc. 


Appearance                                         :           Light Yellowish transparent liquid

Ionic                                                    :           Anion

pH of 1% Solution                              :           7 ± 1

Solubility                                             :           Easily soluble in cold and warm water


  • Anti – contaminate the insoluble deposits during cotton silken finishing and polyester weight reduction finishing process.
  • Excellent solubility of the oligomer and pollutant and no dyestuffs spot caused by dyestuffs and other scum during dyeing process for polyester.
  • Anti – scum during and bleaching process as well anti – reattached dyestuffs during soaping for cotton and linen.
  • Good dispersing of dyestuffs during reactive dyeing.
  • Obtain clear color and prevent pollution caused by good desizerablility during printing process.

Packing Unit                                                                   

200 Kg / Drum Iron