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PT.Braga Texchem Industry was found in May, 2011. We produce textile chemicals like an acrylicsizing agent, acrylic emulsion binder, and other auxiliaries for textile finishing/technologi from KOREA. We have emulsion binder for construction site,  paper coating, Wood Adhesives and water base PSA as our developing items.

PT.Braga Texchem Industry likes to grow up within continuous development of fundamental technologies in order to give satisfactory products to our customers.


              Binder PA (20%)




Binder PA(20%) is self – crosslinking, acrylic copolymer emulsion designed specially for textile printing. Binder PA(20%) is very excellent pigment printing binder and can be use also padding dyeing non woven carpet back sizing.


Appearance                 : Milky White Emulsion

pH                               : 7 – 8

Solid Content              : 20 %K ±0.5

Viscosity at 27°C        : < 30 cps

Ion                               : Nonion

Solubility                     : Miscible with cool water in all proportion

Stability                       : Stable on long term at room temperature

Storage                        : Do not storage at temperature below 0 0C


  1. Binder PA(20%) is self – crosslinking acrylic copolymer emulsion and has very excellent  properties for pigment printing binder
  2. Binder PA(20%) is very stable for chemically and it gives clear transparent film
  3. Elasticity and tensile strength is very good
  4. Binder PA(20%) has a good light – resistance, heat – resistance and water – resistance
  5. Has good washing and dry – cleaning resistance because of superior adhesion force
  6. Binder PA(20%) has a good stability and workability for screen printing or Roller printing, with heat treatment at 135 ~ 150 0C
  7. Binder PA(20%) can be cross-linked  polymer by inter molecule or intra molecule reaction
  8. Binder PA(20%) can be increased viscosity when addition alkali swell thickener with ammonia, or water soluble starch or cellulose derivatives


Binder PA(20%) can be used to figment printing, padding dyeing, non-woven, carpet back sizing, etc.


200 Kg Iron Drum.