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PT.Braga Texchem Industry was found in May, 2011. We produce textile chemicals like an acrylicsizing agent, acrylic emulsion binder, and other auxiliaries for textile finishing/technologi from KOREA. We have emulsion binder for construction site,  paper coating, Wood Adhesives and water base PSA as our developing items.

PT.Braga Texchem Industry likes to grow up within continuous development of fundamental technologies in order to give satisfactory products to our customers.



Binder PA-F for pigment printing on cellulosic and synthetic fabrics and blends, e.g. on polyester/cellulosic fabrics.

Binder PA-F for pigment dyeing on cellulosic fibers and polyester/cellulosic fiber blends.

Binder PA-F

  • Very good allround fastness properties
  • Excellent resistance to mechanical strain
  • Excellent running properties on printing machines and in pad dyeing
  • Exhibits a good pad liquor stability
  • Very good stability to light ageing
  • APEO Free


            Appearance                            White, low viscous, liquid dispersion

            Chemical character                Acrylate based copolymer, self crosslinking

            Ionic character                                   Anionic

            Specific weight at 20oC                       1.03 g/cm3

            Viscosity                                 40 – 70 mPa.s (Brookfield at 23oC)

            pH                                           78

            Dilutability                              Dilutable in any proportions with cold water

            Storage stability                     6 – 12 month when stored in original container under

                                                            Appropriate conditions

            Frost resistance                      Not frost resistant

            Compatibility with

  • Anionic products        Good
  • Nonionic products      Good
  • Cationoc products      Incompatible

            Foaming behaviour                Moderate

            Ecotoxicological data             See Safety Data Sheet

Application Properties

Binder PA-F is suitable as binder for pigment printing pastes used on cellulosic and synthetic fabrics and blends, e.g. on polyester/cellulosic fabrics.

Binder PA-F can be applied in different pigment systems; the first two are most widely used :

  • Systems with a synthetic thickener
  • System with a synthetic thickener and small amount of white spirit
  • Emulsions based on white spirit


  • Guideline recipe printing

Binder PA-F is being added to the water after adding the antifoam. The amount of Binder PA-F depends on the amount of pigments and the desired fastness. The calculation shown below can be used as a guideline recipe.

            Printing paste


            Stock paste                                                      x   g     x = 14 * z + 200

            Cut paste                                                          y   g     y = 1000 – x – z

            Pigment                                                            z   g     max 50 g/kg

                                                                              1000   g


  • Print
  • Dry
  • Cure with hot air during 5 min at 150oC, 90s at 170oC or 60 s at  180oC

  • Guideline recipe dyeing

The amount of binder depends on the quality of the goods, the depth of shade, the desired handle and the fastness properties required. Generally speaking the following relationships between pigment Binder PA-F are suitable :

Up to               5    g/l pigment             50    g/l            BINDER PA-F

Up to             10    g/l pigment             70    g/l            BINDER PA-F

Up to             20    g/l pigment           100    g/l            BINDER PA-F

Over              20    g/l pigment 150 – 200    g/l            BINDER PA-F

BINDER PA-F                         30 to 200    g/l


  • Pad dyeing at room temperature
  • Dry at 100 – 120oC, preferably with infra-red dryer
  • Cure (depending on the material) 5 min at 140oC, 2 min at 170oC or 1 min at 185-200oC

  • Wash out article process

A method to achieve different fabric fashion effects.

The following processing stages are recommended :

  • Padding liquor (a)
  • Drying at 120oC
  • Washing out on machine
  • Drying at 120oC
  • Padding BINDER PA-F (b)
  • Drying
  • Curing with hot air during 5 min at 150oC, 90 s at 170oC or 60 s at 180oC

Recipe of the pad liquor (a) :

BINDER PA-F                                           10 – 40  g/l     

Recipe of the fixing bath (b) :

BINDER PA-F                                       100 – 150  g/l     


  • Packing 200Kg Iron drum.