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PT.Braga Texchem Industry was found in May, 2011. We produce textile chemicals like an acrylicsizing agent, acrylic emulsion binder, and other auxiliaries for textile finishing/technologi from KOREA. We have emulsion binder for construction site,  paper coating, Wood Adhesives and water base PSA as our developing items.

PT.Braga Texchem Industry likes to grow up within continuous development of fundamental technologies in order to give satisfactory products to our customers.



After Wax LA is a product processing the following properties as an after waxing agent.

  1. It prevents the generation of static electricity.
  2. Improving Smoothness.
  3. The rising temperature in summer time does not make it sticky.
  4. Good results not only in conventional loom (shuttle loom) but in water jet loom.
  5. No problem when desizing process.

Properties of After Wax LA

  • State of product              : White flake
  • Composition                   : Mineral Wax , Syntetic Wax

                                            Non Ionic   Surfactants

  • Purity                                       : 100 %
  • Waxing Temperature     : 80 ~ 90° C


  • 20 Kg paper bag (PE liner)


Location storage must be under 30° C